Could This Report Be The Definitive Answer To Your Online Art Classes ?

online art classes

Principles and things that are going to be reinforced through your friends so it’s a huge feather in the cap of going the traditional route another one that I have to say would be an advantage of going to traditional University.

Would be for the traditional techniques seeing paintings done up close seeing demos done up close up traditional mediums that’s really hard to reproduce online digital painting is pretty easy to teach online and we do a lot of that but we haven’t started the live stream yet and I don’t know anybody who’s really doing that super successful yet.

I think there’s a lot you can do online I do know there’s a lot of videos of traditional techniques so we’ve got some in our folio Academy but I think there is something to be said for being there and having the teacher looking over your shoulder and having a teacher be able to take your pencil or your paintbrush and actually paint on your painting or draw on your drawing that’s a huge advantage of going to school okay.

Now one that I would say is kind of works in the favor of online school is location and finances because if you a lot of people live in an area where you know their local university doesn’t have an illustration or animation program so they’re so that’s one maybe they don’t even have a university in their town.

And going to an art school may be prohibitive cost wise but it also might prohibit you if you if you just don’t live anywhere anywhere close and you just can’t afford a so it’s the same thing you can’t afford to get there move relocate and all that.

Kind of stuff we actually have a lot of students in other countries who can’t find what they’re what they’re looking for in their own a lot of times what you also what we also see is that some universities will will teach like a Photoshop class and I’ll we’ll have students that come and take our Photoshop painting and.

Then they’ll say gosh I didn’t learn anything about painting in Photoshop in my Photoshop class well no you’re not going to because a Photoshop class typically in a university.

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