Medical Transcription Services

We are professionally managed Medical Transcription Services company maintaining very high standards in providing patient information management services to US clinics and hospital. Medical Transcription Services utilizes state-of-the-art infrastructure, dictation technology, well-qualified and experienced transcriptionists, and high-end software technologies to provide end-to-end solutions for medical transcription and healthcare information management.

Our mission is to provide its client with acceptable Medical Transcription Services, healthcare management services and maintain a dedicated team of qualified medical transcriptionists and supporting staff who will always feel proud to be a part of our medical transcription Team.

Our medical transcription inter digitizes high-end innovative software technology with qualified Medical transcriptionists. Our dedicated team of software professionals works hand-in-glove with our clients and medical transcription team to provide the ultimate results that our clients expect, and many times more than they come to expect of us.

Our clients are provided with highly customized medical transcription Auto File Transfer software to automatically transfer dictation from their office/home computers to our secure servers and simultaneously automatically download all new medical transcriptions available on our website.

We are also providing Toll Free support to dictation. You just call the Toll free number and dictate. There ends your work. We download your files and transcribe and edit (quality check) and send back the files in your required format (Template). No Tapes and files transfer. No hassle or hectic.